Saturday, March 10, 2007

My dearest Angel ..

Angel dearest ,

Please tell me what to do without you in my life .. You are everything to me , every dream that come true .. U made my bronze heart gold . U gave me a life and filled it up with love . Only when im with you , everything starts to become perfect and flawless. There’s no way, which i am able to find someone better than you or even on pile with you. Your love, your sincerity, your touch, your everything; there’s nothing i could ask from you. I just got so much to learn from you , ive got so much to improve on so that i could give you the best .

Angel , im sorry to make you cry , im sorry to make you angry and im sorry to make u feel sad . I never want this to happen again . I have learnt to change , for myself and for you , because you are the most important thing to me . You know , most of the time , i keep dreaming of you and things that i wanna do for you . I cant seem to get you out of my head . That is why , when you turn back and look for me , i will be right beside you , behind you , in front of you , there to hold you , there for you , there to fend u away from the dark , there to be your light , im your guardian angel and i will follow you whereever you go .

Im hypnotised by your love angel ...

I realise you love , i feel your love , its just so much that it is indescribable . always felt I’ve lived in darkness and you’re like the light. You can have my word that I’ll never leave you. Angel, I just wanna assure you my love for you. There’s no other and never will be. Everyday, I believe your love is strong. I believe your love for me is overwhelming. Angel , my heart is yours , its a gift from me , keep it safe and it will stay till forevermore . This gift is my heart , my soul , my love , my everything .

Everyday, I want you to know how much I feel for you. My love for you, would never die.

I love you my precious angel .

I'll never break your heart again . I will never break my promises .


much loves ,
Lawrence ,
Your Angel

much loves ;

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